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ABC4: Vote your favorite person into the Cosplay Hall of Fame at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Media Coverage

(ABC 4 Utah) Ro Malaga, FanX® Producer, joined Nicea DeGering, to talk about all things Cosplay at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.

Since its inception, FanX has strongly been committed to supporting the cosplay community. FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ honors cosplayers who not only exhibit exceptional talent at their craf, but also give back to the community.

It takes hours of work to create their stunning outfits. Then, they go the extra mile for charity work and helping in ways that only they can. They are part of the FanX® family and have welcomed them into the Cosplay Hall of Fame. It’s only held once a year, and fans can nominate anyone of their choosing and give a brief description of how incredible their candidate is. Deadline to nominate is Monday, August 20, 201,8 at 11:59PM (MST).


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