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By Ashley Hasna


No need to use Photoshop for your favorite celebrity’s pretty profile or autograph, because they’ll be in the same building as you at FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ Get a souvenir from their visit by getting their autograph or taking a photo together (called a Photo Op).

Take time to freeze the moment with a professional Photo Op. Celebrities get just as excited to see their fandoms as the fans are to see them outside of a screen. Co-Founder Dan Farr explains autographs and photo ops are “more about the meeting and the memento. I love seeing the smiles and excitement of the fans.”



What to Expect:

1. Celebrity Photo Ops: Professional Photo Ops allows you the opportunity to have a professional photo taken with you and your favorite celebrity by a professional photographer. Even if your fly-by photo of a star turns out blurry, your photo op photo won’t. No camera skills needed! Each Photo Op can have up to four fans.

You’ll receive an 8 x 10 photo print and the ability to purchase a digital print. All photo ops will take place at the same booth too, so you only need to memorize the location once. See the celebrity photo booth schedule here.

While a traditional portrait is a classic, there’s no need to be shy. Have fun and strike a pose!

2. Autographs: Along with panels and pictures, most celebrities will have a table where you can get items autographed. Most artists and authors don’t charge for autographs, but they may ask for a donation. However, the majority of film, TV, and voice actors either sell an item they’ll autograph or charge for a signature on a brought item. We recommend bringing something a bit more permanent than your hand; eventually, you’ll need to wash that.

3. Get What You Pay For: Both autographs and Photo Ops cost extra beyond the entry ticket, but these bring celebrity meetings with it. Prices will vary from $30–$75, but they’ll be clearly marked at the celebrity’s signing table. Check the Master Schedule for prices and to pre-purchase a voucher.

4. Schedules Vary: Edward James Olmos may not be a doctor or a physicist, but he is a 3-day FanX® guest; Nathan Fillion, however, is only there on Saturday. Be sure to check the Master Schedule to know what days they’ll be there and plan accordingly. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the main reason you bought your ticket. Please keep in mind, there is always a small chance that a schedule will change so please come to the website for updates, subscribe to the newsletter or Download the App.

5. Prop Photo Ops: Celebrities aren’t the only picture worthy opportunity at FanX®. Certain objects and sets become as much a part of a show as a character, and FanX® wants to cover it all. There will also be a chance to take pictures with a replica of the TARDIS from Doctor Who, The Trolls, Gandalf, Gollum and Azog from The Hobbit Trilogy, and the Silver Surfer Prices and schedules vary for each of these, so check the Features page.

6. Queue Up: Waiting time will vary depending on the popularity of the actor or object, but both autographs and photo ops require standing in line. While it’s designed to move people through quickly, factor this into your day so you can patiently wait your turn. Neither long-term following of an actor not overzealousness gives you the excuse to cut in line, so make friends and bond over your favorite celebrity moments.


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