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Promotion Tips for Vendors & Artists at #FanX20

We've put together a bunch of promotion tips for the Vendors and Artists at #FanX20 to help you get the word out that you will be at our show! Submit a Vendor Exclusive: A fantastic way to get your #FanX20 appearance noticed is by offering an Exclusive! It is common...

Tips for First Timers at FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™

  I’m coming to FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ for the first time. What Should I Know? FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ is about FanXperiences. We have TV and movie Celebrities, Comic Creators, best-selling Authors, panels, Photo Ops, Autographs, collectible...

PROMOTION TIPS for Business Affiliates

We’ve put together some helpful promotion tips for our Business Affiliates when sharing their unique URLs online. 

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