Team FanX appreciates your feedback on the statement I released yesterday. Please read below for answers to questions we have received.


Hey! Men get sexually harassed and assaulted to!

I hear you. This is a mistake on my part and I am regretful. In my statement, I never intended to villainize men. I was writing and thinking in the context of the Richard Paul Evans incident and not the bigger picture.

Let’s make this clear: sexual assault can happen to anyone, no matter your age, your sexual orientation, or your gender identity.

In response, we will update our wording in our Universal Harassment Policy and Action Items to be more inclusive towards men. We are also researching organizations that support men that have been sexually harassed or abused that we can make a donation to.

Who will be a part of the committee? How will they be selected and what training will they have?

Per yesterday’s statement, our Compliance Committee will be made up of representatives including, men, women, child advocates, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and those with special needs or disabilities. Although we have some possible members in mind, nothing is official yet. We will share the complete committee line-up with all of you once it’s finalized. The number of members has not yet been determined.

How can be part of the Compliance Committee or get involved?

We are consulting with experts on how to recruit the highest-quality committee members. Upon launching our “Consent Is Key” campaign, there will be opportunities for our community to get involved.

Is this all just a PR stunt?

No, this is not a stunt and we hope that no one would make light of such a major issue.  

How will FanX keep people safe at the convention?

We want to make the event as safe as possible. In yesterday’s statement, we listed a number of action items we will be taking prior to the September event. From all of your suggestions, we are updating those action items and will make the finalized list public when all is arranged and confirmed.

How will FanX resolve complaints (of harassment) that happen during the event?

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at the convention. If you become the target of harassment, you can report this incident anonymously or in-person with FanX staff. The sooner an issue is reported to us, the more appropriately we can address it.

FanX needs to address the #metoo movement as being “trendy”.

This is a very regretful statement that was wrong and inappropriate. Bryan has apologized for saying this. Team FanX recognizes that #metoo is a groundbreaking movement that has thrusted sexual harassment and assault into the national and global dialogue. If you are part of this movement, we applaud your bravery. To learn more about the #metoo movement, please visit their website.

Will harassment be a panel topic at this year’s event?

According to Blake Casselman, our Programming Director, we already have panelists interested in discussing that topic in a panel environment with you. All signs point to most likely.

Will people who no longer wish to come to the event be issued refunds?

As many of our veteran attendees know, we typically do not offer refunds on event passes. You can read our Guest Cancellation Policy here. However, we are willing to evaluate refund requests at this time on a case-by-case basis. You can contact us at or use our Helpdesk.

Why did my post/comments in the group about the sexual harassment issues get deleted?

Our “main” Facebook group is a place to celebrate pop culture, FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention, and our nerd community. Although your posts or comments may have been well-intended, the vibe in the group was turning very negative to the point of harassment. You are welcome to make your thoughts known by posting in the comment section of any of our public posts on our official Facebook page, or on your own Facebook page.

Myself or others are being harassed online about this situation. What are you going to do?

Our admins have been instructed to shut down any harassing behavior on our official social media channels and Facebook groups.

On Facebook, you may have the option to report a post or comment that you feel is not appropriate. By doing this, all of our admins will get an alert and assess the situation.

If you are participating in harassing behavior this may result in you being muted or even banned. Read our Facebook Group rules in the “About” section.

Why aren’t you addressing all of the authors?

We deeply respect the intent of the authors involved. They are fighting to make FanX a harassment-free environment. We are too.

How is FanX going to prevent doxxing in the future, to both vendors and attendees?

The doxxing issue was a regretful mistake. There is no intention of doing that ever again.

The quote from your statement certainly makes it seem like you’re going to continue doxxing RPE’s victims. Please clarify how you’re going to protect the females?

The quote this person is referring to is: “We have compiled a timeline in a confidential document of the events surrounding Richard Paul Evans and the events from Monday that will shed greater light on public statements and internal actions.”

The timeline we will have available has been redacted. The document does not include names, direct quotes from private emails, or contact information. We have learned our lesson on doxxing. We do have an expanded version for our personal records that will not be available for public view.

Still feels like you aren’t listening to victims!

I am very sorry to hear you feel this way. If you are a victim of sexual harassment or assault that happened at any of our conventions or events, please consider sending in an anonymous or personal report. We are listening.


Manda Bull

FanX Social Media Manager

Please send any further inquires to Cheryl Snapp Conner at