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Michael Rookers #FanX19 Panel

Michael Rooker, best known for the Guardians of the Galaxy films, The Walking Dead, Mallrats, Cliffhanger, and many more acting roles, attends FanX Fall 2018. Watch him joke with the audience, stroll through the crowd, eat some Oreos, and tell behind the scenes...

Promotion Tips for Vendors & Artists at #FanX20

We've put together a bunch of promotion tips for the Vendors and Artists at #FanX20 to help you get the word out that you will be at our show! Submit a Vendor Exclusive: A fantastic way to get your #FanX20 appearance noticed is by offering an Exclusive! It is common...

FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention Magic Moment #8

Only 8 days until the Fall FanX Kick-off Press Conference!  Here is today's Magic Moment from Camille Bingham Reese: It was truly an unforgettable experience for us as well and we talk about it often. Jeremy Renner is an amazing man with a huge heart of gold. He has...

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