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Daily Herald – FanX press conference brings onslaught of celebrity announcements for fall convention

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Media Coverage

Utah’s passion for all things pop culture was on full display Wednesday morning as costume-clad fans and members of the press packed a movie theater at the Megaplex at Jordan Commons in South Jordan.

The hullabaloo wasn’t for a movie premiere though — instead, it was the first official press conference announcing guests and changes for FanX: Salt Lake Comic Convention’s September event.

The list of guests announced was lofty — by far the largest for any initial announcement at any FanX event in the past, and the fans noticed.


“We wanted to send a really strong message that we’re going to go really big and solid this time,” Farr said of the announcement of nearly two dozen guests pegged for the fall convention. “It’s hard to keep secrets, and hard to not share. It’s always fun to tell people and see how they respond(…)