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Deseret News – ‘Spider-Man’s’ Tom Holland coming to Salt Lake’s FanX this fall

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Media Coverage

SALT LAKE CITY — The latest actor to play Spider-Man has seven upcoming films listed on IMDB, but somehow, Tom Holland has made time for yet another event this year: Utah’s FanX Fall Salt Lake Comic Convention.

The organizers of FanX announced on Tuesday that Holland, the 23-year-old British actor currently starring in Marvel’s “Spider-Man” franchise as the masked web-slinger, is coming to Utah for their annual comic convention, held Sept. 5-7.

For co-organizer Dan Farr, getting Holland on the roster for this year’s event is a testament to the convention’s fans.

“(Holland) decided after the release of ‘Far From Home,’ that he would do few (events) this year,” he said. “But it’s just really lucky for us to have the right elements and I do say that it’s the reputation of the fans here in Utah that gives us the gusto to give us what we need (to bring in guests).”