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Don’t Miss The Tabletop Gaming Charity Event at FanX!

Jun 5, 2021 | Blog Articles

There’s more to FanX than celebrity panels, cosplay competitions, and buying your third Captain America hoodie (we know, we were shocked too). This September, take a stroll up to the third floor of the Salt Palace Convention Center to play free tabletop games, make new friends, and make a difference!

Friendships Forged in RPGs

Ever since we sat down to play our first game of Dungeons and Dragons, we were hooked. It’s been many years (and many campaigns) since that day, but whenever we see friends from our old D&D group, we inevitably end up reminiscing over our RPG adventures as if they really happened—as if Buddy was actually crushed by a zombie horde or Tyler really did try to flirt with the Queen of the Fey to save the party from imminent execution. It didn’t matter that those things only happened in our minds. They were real to us.

That sense of connection—of having someone’s back and knowing they have yours—is one of the tenets on which we founded The Foundation for the Prevention of Violence (FPV). It’s why we created community-based programs like Mage Fire Gaming and White Wolf Self-Defense.

This is the reason we’re thrilled to announce that FPV will be running a charity fundraiser on FanX’s tabletop gaming floor. Come play games for a good cause!


What You’ll Find on the Floor

Up two flights of escalators, down the hall, and just past the drinking fountains, you’ll discover an entire floor full of tabletop games, activities, and merchandise—and almost all of it is free! Here, you’re welcome to play D&D, join a card game tournament, or just rest your sore feet at one of our many tables.

And the best part? If you do choose to spend any coin, it goes directly toward funding our violence-prevention programs. Here’s what awaits you:

Free Tabletop Games

What would any decent gaming floor be without fantastic games to play? Our skilled Dungeon Masters will be running multiple D&D sessions all day, every day. Just walk in and we’ll help you join an existing party or start a new one with your friends. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a total newbie, there’s room for you at the table!

Character Creation Tables

Don’t know how to play Dungeons and Dragons? That’s okay! We have character creation tables where our friendly volunteers will help you learn the ropes and create a custom character. From a gnarled tiefling pirate with a secret royal past to a young half-elf cleric on a quest for bloody revenge, we’ll help you create the perfect character for your RPG adventure!

Paid Tabletop Campaigns

Want to take your tabletop gaming experience to the next level? Sign up for one of our special paid D&D games! These campaigns are run by seasoned DMs and come with a complimentary mini and dice set—and all proceeds go toward our programs. Sign up sheets for these games will be posted closer to the events, so watch for the announcements!

Mini-Painting Corner

Once you’ve got your complimentary mini, head on over to our mini-painting corner. There, you can paint your mini to match the exact vision you have for what your character looks like. Get creative on your own with our assorted paints and brushes or learn more about the intricate art of mini painting from one of our talented volunteers.

Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

Is Dungeons and Dragons not your thing? No problem. One of our wonderful sponsors, the Provo Game Den, will be running free Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments! Come show off your skills with your finely cultivated deck, swap rare cards with other players, and compete in a friendly competition of your favorite card game.

Charity Raffle and Auction

Come check out the incredible items that generous vendors from all over FanX have donated for our charity fundraiser! Buy a raffle ticket or bid in the silent auction and win everything from signed comic books and posters to weapon replicas and action figures. Don’t forget to join us Saturday at 8:00 p.m. when we close the auction and call out the winners!

Ready to Join the Party, Adventurer?

Come enjoy three days of gaming fun and charity fundraising this September 16-18 at FanX Comic Convention! We will be adding to and expanding our event right up until the actual day of the con, so make sure you follow us to stay on top of the latest updates!

If you would like to volunteer, email [email protected]!

Buy your FanX 2021 pass today, and we’ll see you there!

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