Facebook Events Winners 5/11/2018

by | May 12, 2018 | Contest Winners

We’re always giving away cool prizes on Facebook! For a chance to win 2018 FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention passes, Photo Ops and other cool swag, follow our official Facebook Events Page and join the events for your dream Celebrity guests. Follow the directions in the contest post to enter to win. It’s easy!


5/11/2018 Winners. One pass/prize per winner unless noted. FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention 2018 is September 6-8, 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo Ops are eligible for upgrade.

Karen Chidester
Photo Op with Tim Curry
@Tim Curry Event Page

Alisha Archuleta Peterson
Photo Op with Jason David Frank
@Jason David Frank Event Page

Jenny Meyer Martineau
Photo Op with Jennifer Morrison
@Jennifer Morrison Event Page

Stetson Scott Kuta
Photo Op with Amy Jo Johnson
@Amy Jo Johnson Event Page

Kristy Lyon Miller
Photo Op with Paige O’Hara
@Paige O’Hara Event Page

HannahSarah Cameron
Photo Op with Robby Benson
@Robby Benson Event Page

Jason Lyman Ballif
Photo Op with Brent Spiner
@Brent Spiner Event Page

Trevor Brown
Photo Op with Paul Reubens
@Paul Reubens Event Page

Erin Stanfa
Photo Op with Evangeline Lilly
@Evangeline Lilly Event Page

Jenn Stowers
Photo Op with Gaten Matarazzo
@Gaten Matarazzo Event Page

Heather McLemore
Photo Op with Karl Urban
@Karl Urban Event Page

Heather Hainsworth
Photo Op with Mark Shepard
@Mark Shepard Event Page

Chris Newhart
Photo Op with John Wesley Shipp
@John Wesley Shipp Event Page

Stephanie Burr Albiston
Photo Op with Arryn Zech
@Arryn Zech Event Page

Natasha Conner
Photo Op with Vic Mignogna
@Vic Mignogna Event Page

Shalene Fabs Whiting
Photo Op with Kara Eberle
@Kara Eberle Event Page

Lydia Steele
Photo Op with Lindsay Jones
@Lindsay Jones Event Page

Gina Marie Luciano
Photo Op with Tom Welling
@Tom Welling Event Page

Joshua Engelmann
Photo Op with Tricia Helfer
@Tricia Helfer Event Page

Coral Z Mansfield
Photo Op with Chuck Norris
@Chuck Norris Event Page

Justin Brady
Photo Op with Michael Rosenbaum
@Michael Rosenbaum Event Page

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