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Back to FanX – Interactive Fandom Quest

So FanX is coming up, and it’s our tenth anniversary, it’s gonna be huge.  As part of the celebration, they gamified the whole fan experience with a local company called Fandom Quest.  And so they have a ton of prizes to give out, like big cool prizes like a motorcycle and a guitar and a bunch of great stuff.

So for anyone in Utah or planning to come to FanX in Salt Lake, we have the whole thing set up as a sort of Challenge or Quest.  It’s run through an app called GoFoto, and they’ve just started sharing clues and they are going to keep sharing clues all the way through and even AFTER FanX.  And it’s free to play, and there are prizes for being first, there are prizes for sharing photos, there are prizes for Cosplay stuff, it all seems crazy and pretty fun.

So if you’re in the area, or going to be in the area, you should for sure jump on this, get the app, get the clues, get some prizes, and just get ready for the coolest FanX ever.  It is gonna be awesome!

The first person to complete the quest will win the grand prize, a 2023 KTM Motorcycle. All other players who complete the quest will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes.

To start your challenge: Scan the QR code in the image -or- tap the button below (mobile devices only)

*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.

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