Thermians from Utah /Doctor Who Experience

Harold loves to create. Roxanne loves to plan and promote. Together they are  Harold Roxanne Weir Creations. After retiring from their successful haunted house, they focused their creative juices on conventions like FanX Salt Lake.  In Salt Lake, they helped turn the TARDIS photo op, into one of the best Doctor Who experiences outside of Cardiff. They are also ‘the Thermians from Utah’, the crew from Galaxy Quest, and Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape from Harry Potter, and many more characters.
Beyond characters, HRW Creations provided a Dragon and pallet maze at Kids Con in 2016, and Halloween expo in 2017, and Hogle Zoo for 2016 and 2017.  They are able to provide props and characters for weddings, corporate events, children’s events, and do commissioned work. In real life, Harold is a software engineer and Roxanne owns and operates a wholesale distribution business.
Thermians from Utah 
The first year at SLC Comic Con 2013, Harold and Roxanne Weir show up as a couple of Thermians from the movie Galaxy Quest and Frank Buck joined in as Commander Taggart. Each year there have been additions to the group including Sarris, the crew, the minors, and the beryllium sphere. All costuming and props are made by Harold beside Commander Taggart’s. Thermians from Utah are typically found in groups of 3-7 on the convention floor but have been up to 18 strong. If the group is big or small you will find all in character acting their part whether it is hugging a commander or rolling the beryllium sphere. They are to be part of an upcoming documentary on Galaxy Quest. Regular cast members are Harold Weir, Roxanne Weir, Frank Buck, Andrew Weir, Jordan Mills, Tanner Mills, Todd Mills,  Victor Sine, Matthew Weir, Seth Tomlinson, Ryan Alvord, Megan Anderson, and Lily Anderson.
Dr. Who in-Character actors
You will find that not all props remain still at the Dr. Who Experience. Especially when it comes to the Weeping Angels, Silence, Ood, Whispermen, Vashta Nerada, the Empty Child and more. Typically each Villain statue has a matching in-character actor as well as a Dr. Who dressed handler. Not all in Character villains will be active at one time, but you will find different ones live in the morning and then in the afternoon. Or main in Character actors and handlers are: Todd Mills, Tanner Mills, Jordan Mills, Matthew Weir, Ryan Alvord, Seth Tomlinson, Melody Jones, Harold Weir, and Roxanne Weir.

*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.

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