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Neon Mango specializes in providing cinematic digital autographs, offering you a unique and personalized way to connect with your favorite notable people.


Ryan Hurst
Charlie Hunnam
Garrett Hedlund
Neon Mango FAQ
1. What is Neon Mango?
Our company, Neon Mango, specializes in providing cinematic digital autographs, offering you a unique and personalized way to connect with your favorite notable people.
Cinematic Digital Autographs:
2. What are cinematic digital autographs?
Our cinematic digital autographs are interactive autographs that combine video, audio, and images, creating an immersive and engaging experience that goes beyond traditional paper autographs.
Obtaining Autographs:
3. How can I get a Neon Mango cinematic digital autograph?
You can obtain a cinematic digital autograph from us by visiting our website, selecting your preferred celebrity, and choosing a digital background and pen color that suits your preferences.
Personalization and Sharing:
4. Can I add personalized messages to the autographs?
Certainly! Our cinematic digital autographs allow you to include personalized messages, making your autograph even more special and meaningful.
5. On what devices can I view cinematic digital autographs?
You can view your cinematic digital autograph on various devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, and desktop computer.
6. Can I share cinematic digital autographs on social media?
Absolutely! We provide options for you to share your autograph on your social media platforms, allowing you to show off your personalized autograph to your friends, family, and followers.  You can also download it right to your device and take it with you to share at a moment’s notice.
Variety and Accessibility:
7. Are cinematic digital autographs limited to specific genres?
No, we offer a diverse range of celebrities in various genres, including movies, TV shows, music, sports, social and more.
8. Do I need specialized software to access cinematic digital autographs?
You can usually access your autograph through a standard web browser or on your smartphone via our website.  No special software or device is required.
Collectibility and Gifting:
9. Can I consider cinematic digital autographs collectibles?
Absolutely. Our cinematic digital autographs can be a modern take on collectible items, offering a unique twist to traditional autograph collecting.
10. Can I gift cinematic digital autographs to others?
Definitely! We offer gifting options, allowing you to surprise someone with a personalized cinematic digital autograph.
Exclusivity and Requests:
11. Do you release limited editions or rare autographs?
Yes, we occasionally release limited edition or rare autographs, giving you the chance to own something truly special and exclusive.
12. Can I request specific scenes or quotes for my autographs?
We are open to any ideas you may have to add to our portfolio of custom digital autographs.  Feel free to let us know via [email protected] and we will get back to you with what we can do.
Authenticity and Security:
13. Do these autographs come with a real digital signature?
Absolutely. Our cinematic digital autographs include a personalized digital signature, customized message, and if selected personal voice-over made just for you.  All graphs are unique and signed by the celebrity with our proprietary technology.  Each pen stroke is captured digitally and rendered for you to enjoy.
14. How secure are the autographs from unauthorized duplication or theft?
We take digital security seriously and implement measures to safeguard the integrity of our autographs, minimizing the risk of unauthorized copying or theft.  See our authenticity page for more information on how we maintain a true chain of custody just for you.
Physical Copies and Age Restrictions:
15. Can I get physical prints of my cinematic digital autographs?
A Graph is a Cinematic Digital Autograph and is not available for print.
16. Are there age restrictions for purchasing autographs?
Generally, there are no strict age restrictions, although parental consent might be required for minors.
Refunds and Data Privacy:
17. Is a refund possible if I’m dissatisfied?
If your request is not fulfilled we will give you a 100% refund.  If you are not satisfied with the product please let us know and we will work with you to find a mutually agreeable solution.
18. Is my personal information safe with Neon Mango?
Absolutely. We prioritize the security of your personal information and employ industry-standard measures to protect your data.
New Releases and Suggestions:
19. How frequently do you release new autographs?
We release new cinematic video backgrounds periodically, depending on our partnerships and agreements with celebrities and content creators.
20. Can I suggest celebrities or characters for future autograph releases?
We welcome suggestions from customers like you for new celebrities to feature in upcoming autograph releases. Keep an eye on our website or social media channels for opportunities to share your ideas or email us at [email protected].
21. How secure is the use of Stripe for processing credit card payments?
We take your financial security seriously. We utilize Stripe, a trusted and secure payment gateway, to process credit card payments. Stripe employs advanced encryption and security measures to ensure that your payment information remains safe and confidential. Your credit card details are never stored on our servers, providing you with a secure and seamless payment experience.
Protection of Personal Information:
22. How do you store the minimum amount of PII data to protect customers?
We prioritize your privacy and security. We only collect and store the minimum necessary Personally Identifiable Information (PII) required to provide our services. Our data storage practices adhere to stringent security standards, and we implement encryption and access controls to safeguard your information from unauthorized access. Your trust and data security are of utmost importance to us.
Convention Specific Questions:
23. How much does it cost to get a Graph signed by Charlie Hunnam or Ryan Hurst?
Graph pricing varies. Please refer to our website or convention booth for specific pricing details.
24. What payment methods are accepted for purchasing Graphs?
We accept major credit cards for in-person and online purchases.
25. Can I order Graphs online before the convention starts?
Yes, attendees can pre-order Graphs online. Visit our website to place your order.
26. How and when will I receive my Graph if I order online?
If you order online, your Graph will be delivered at the earliest availability of Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Hurst. Typically, Graphs are delivered in 7 days.
27. Will Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Hurst have specific signing schedules?
Yes, Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Hurst will be available for signings on the 21st (half day) and full days on the 22nd and 23rd. Please check our schedule for exact signing times.
28. How long can I expect to wait in line for a physical signing?
Wait times can vary, but we will do our best to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all attendees.
29. Are there any restrictions on customizing my Graph?
While customization is encouraged, please be respectful and adhere to the guidelines provided by our team.
30. In what format will the Graphs be provided?
Graphs will be provided in a digital format that is compatible with common devices.
31. Can I request personalized messages with my autograph?
Yes, personalized messages can be requested during the signing process.
32. Can I take photographs with Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Hurst during the signing process?
Photographs are not permitted inside the Neon Mango booth.
33. Is there a limit on how many Graphs I can have signed by each celebrity?
There may be limits in place to ensure fairness for all attendees. Check with our staff for specific details.

*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.

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