All proceeds go to support The Foundation for the Prevention of Violence and our three amazing programs. Mage Fire Tabletop Therapy, Deva School Security, and The Survivors Self-Defense program.
What You Can Do:
Dungeons and Dragons - We offer D&D character creation and games run by our dungeon master volunteers. You don’t need to bring anything, and it’s totally free! Come prepared to have a blast!
Fundraising Paid Games - Our paid D&D games are 2-3 hour modules run by Mage Fire’s best dungeon masters. And you also get a free miniature and a dice set!
Charity Raffle and Auction - We have awesome donations given to us by artists, local game stores, authors, and more. Come buy tickets for the raffle or bid on amazing items in our silent auction!
Tournaments - We hold several gaming tournaments, including Magic The Gathering, Yugioh, and more—all run by one of our sponsors, Provo Game Den.

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