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Gigi Edgley


As host of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge Gigi Edgley is charged with introducing each week’s challenge to the group of contestants. The internationally renowned actress is originally from Australia. Gigi has a long and rich history with The Jim Henson Company beginning with her popular role as Chiana on the company’s critically – acclaimed sci-fi cult series, Farscape, in which she starred for over four years.

Gigi stole the hearts of sci-fi enthusiasts. She was originally cast as a guest star for one episode, but quickly captured the attention of the Farscape writers, producers, and fans alike. The mischievous Chiana became one of the most popular and at times controversial characters in the series. Additionally, Edgley has appeared in countless film and television series including Rescue Special Ops, USA’s Starter WifeTricky Business, SyFy’s Showdown at Area 51 and Quantum ApocalypseCarlottaNewcastleBlack JackPeacekeeper WarsStingers, Secret Life Of Us, Beastmaster, Lost WorldWater Rats and Day of The Roses. Gigi was nominated for the Film’s Critic’s Circle awards for best lead actress in the feature Last Train To Freo, the SyFy Genre Award for Best Supporting actress, the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a television series, and Maxim Award for sexiest Space Babe.

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