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Glenn Morshower


Glenn Morshower is an American actor best known for playing Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in 24.  His character has developed a following among the show fandom and appeared in every season of the show except its last. Since Glenn’s persona is that of a strong disciplined protective role, such as military, secret service, or policeman, many of his roles have followed suit.

Glenn has guest-starred on many TV series, including CharmedThe Dukes of HazzardMatlockThe West WingQuantum LeapStar Trek: The Next GenerationNYPD BlueThe X-FilesMilleniumBabylon 5Star Trek: VoyagerKing of the HillBuffy the Vampire SlayerJAGAliasStar Trek: EnterpriseERNCISThe CloserBonesCriminal MindsFriday Night Lights and many others.

Glenn has also had roles in many major motion pictures such as Transformers: Dark of the MoonX-Men: First ClassMoneyball, and Black Hawk Down.

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