Salt Palace Convention Center  |   September 21st – 23rd, 2023

Larry Thomas


LARRY THOMAS is the Emmy-nominated, American actor best known for his role as the famous “Soup Nazi” in the same-titled Seinfeld episode. “No soup for you!” is a household catchphrase and the popularity of Larry’s performance as this character still thrives today.
During his career, Larry has had numerous guest-star appearances, including Scrubs, Drake & Josh, Spaced Out and Arrested Development. His work in Spaced Out led Larry to a fruitful working relationship with Broomstick Films, through which he co-starred in Not Another B MovieDr. Spine and the award-winning Paranormal Activity spoof Paranormal Calamity. In 1997, Larry appeared as the blackjack dealer in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.
Larry’s presence is in demand across the country for autograph-signings as well as TV shows and commercials. The “Soup Nazi” role was playfully revisited when Larry appeared in a commercial for Center for Consumer Freedom.
In 2009, Thomas appeared in the independent feature Untitled Horror Comedy playing the role of “Dwayne.”
Larry began filming live-action cut-scenes for Tesla Effect, the new Tex Murphy video game at the beginning of this year and will be at the Tex Murphy Tesla Effect (formally Project Fedora) booth!

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