Sameer Bundela

“Sameer Bundela (@sameertikkamasala) is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist who has been cosplaying for over 12 years. He was the first professional cosplayer in India and has won numerous cosplay competitions nationally and internationally. He has represented India in the Crown Championships of Cosplay twice and has also given a TED talk on the subject. Due to his extensive experience as both a cosplayer and Cosplay competitor, he has been trusted with judging many renowned international cosplay competitions. Since 2016 he has worked in the film, television, and event industry, designing and making costumes, props, and sets, using the knowledge gained through years of cosplaying. He is deeply passionate about cosplay and has been actively working to promote it in India through workshops and talks.”

Guest Judging:

The Official FanX Cosplay Contest

The Official FanX Cosplay Contest

Come support your favorite Cosplayers at FanX's Official Cosplay Contest on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 at 7 pm.

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