Salt Palace Convention Center  |   September 21st – 23rd, 2023

William Katt


William Theodore Katt is an American actor and musician best known as the star of the television series The Greatest American Hero.

He first became known for playing Tommy Ross, the ill-fated prom date of Carrie White in the original film version of Carrie, and subsequently starred in films such as First Love, Big Wednesday, and Butch and Sundance: The Early Days. He starred in nine Perry Mason television films alongside his mother Barbara Hale, who reprised her role as Della Street from the television series Perry Mason.

As a voice actor, he has been in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold Animated Series and Video game, Animaniacs, and Justice League. He also made appearances in Super Girl, Numb3rs, Heroes, House, 7th Heaven, and Walker, Texas Ranger.

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