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    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR: Author of Ambrosia, Kharmic Rebound
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    I come from a family of ballet dancers. (I know, right?) My parents actually met dancing at Ballet West together. So, the first few years of my life were spent backstage at productions like CATS, Dreamgirls, and A Chorus Line, where I developed a lifelong aversion to stage makeup. My parents even appeared in a few movies and TV shows, like Girls Just Wanna, have fun, and the Tracy Ullman show, but that is about as much name-dropping as I can currently muster.

    I spent two years living in Argentina as a missionary, where I became addicted to mayonnaise and developed a crippling fear of small dogs. In college, I studied aviation and was well on my way to becoming a commercial airline pilot when I suddenly developed a rare illness that left me with severe heart damage. Bed-ridden for about a year, I began writing, as it was one of the few things I could do.

    I spent the next decade writing books and taking care of my kids while my wife worked, waiting for that letter to come in the mail which never came. (Should have written about sparkly vampires instead) When my son Stephen passed away in July of 2012, I decided that I was going to dedicate my first book to him, and I wasn’t going to wait for anyone’s permission to be published anymore. I was going to do it myself.