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Alan Seawright & Jonathan Decker


Appearing: More information Coming Soon!*

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*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.


More information coming soon!*


*Guest appearances and Panels are subject to change or cancellation. Please Check the Official Schedule for the the most up to date panel times and locations.

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Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright are co-hosts hosts of Cinema Therapy, the popular YouTube channel exploring movies through the lens of psychology. They also starred in the buddy action-comedy CTU: Provo. Jonathan is a licensed therapist, film critic, actor, and author. He is known as the clinical director of Mended Light, critic with The KJZZ Movie Show, and for his performances in CTU: Provo and BYU’s Divine Comedy. Alan is a professional director, writer, producer, actor, and editor. He is the founder of Telekinesis Entertainment and is known for his work on Relative Race, Inside BYU Football, Off the Tracks, and CTU: Provo.

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