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Burt Ward


Burt Ward was born on July 6, 1945, In Los Angles California. Whe burt was two years old, he was listed in the magazine Strange as it Seems to be the world’s youngest professional ice skater. He was an avid comic book reader and loved all of the super heroes. He had the nickname “Sparky” because of his energetic nature and the sparks his skates would make during his routines. In high school he was on the football, track, and wrestling team and even joined the chess and taekwondo club.

When Burt was 19 he auditioned for the role for Robin. He changed his name officially to Burt Ward after his mother’s maiden name. As the role of Robin, Burt had to do dangerous stunt work. He was able to accomplish it and had fun doing so.  Towards the end of the thirst season, ABC stopped production because they were losing a great deal of money. NBC offered to finish it up but cancelled the offer after learning the set was destroyed.

Burt and became very close with Adam West throughout the series and the public loved them together. They were complete opposite personalities and they used it to their advantage on and off stage.

In 1985, Ward wrote the autobiography called Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights. Ward took the role of Robin in a few different opportunities on The New Adventures of Batman, Legends of the Superheroes, and Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt.

Burt is currently married to Tracy Posner and is the father to their daughter Melody Lane Ward.

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