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    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR: Salt City Stranger, The Mighty Trumph, Captionated Comics
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    *Guests appearances and Panels are subject to change or cancellation. 


    Chris Hoffman is an inventive artist who uses his eye for design, comedic timing, and technology acumen to make people laugh and learn. A consummate storyteller, Chris uses many mediums, including video, music, spoken-word, writing, and drawing, to express his comedic point of view. Best known for his viral video Napoleon Dynamite and his self-published comic Banana Panic! Chris has also provided creative work for the local indie movie Unicorn City. Chris received his MBA from Westminster College in 2012 and also works for the University of Utah, creating edu-taining and effective content. He also teaches in the Bachelor of Fine Art program at Broadview Arts and Entertainment University in South Salt Lake. Being a huge fan of local urban legends, and fueled by a desire to draw Utah locations, Chris created the comic, Salt City Strangers, which features the world’s first Utah-based superhero team.

    Chris’ latest comic projects include: The Mighty Trümph!: A Conan the Barbarian style story starring a familiar-looking, orange-skinned braggart; Craptionated Comics: A set of 1940s-50s out-of-copyright comics, with the word bubbles blanked out and rewritten with crude humor and adult situations; Ruthless: A story about a bullied, teenage girl who, after a horrible family tragedy, goes down the road to becoming a merciless super-villain.