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    Cindy is a certified Harry Potter expert, and has the student loans to prove it! In 2015, she was awarded a Masters Degree from BYU with her thesis “The Chosen One: A Q-Method Analysis of The Harry Potter Phenomenon”. But her love of all things fandom didn’t start with The Boy Who Lived. The youngest of nine children, all of whom are boys except for eight, Cindy was raised on a steady diet of Disney movies, 80s classics, and musicals. She understands the significance of 1.21 gigawatts, can challenge you to a duel – To the death? No! To the pain! – and believes that the greatest weapon in life is probably a cast-iron frying pan. She has also simply walked into Mordor.

    Her CIA cover isn’t nearly as interesting as the Weinerlicioius or Orange Orange – she works for a home automation company on the social media team. On a good day, she will spontaneously burst into song at least seven times and two of those times will probably involve The Sound of Music and/or Les Miserables. On a bad day, if you ask her a question, she will probably tell you to “Suck it.”

    Okay? Okay. What’s next?