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    APPEARED: FanX18
    KNOWN FOR: DragonLance: The New Adventures, The Flux Engine, Dragons of the Confederacy


    Dan always had an affinity for stories. Growing up in Maryland in the late 70s, he fell in love with reading at an early age, devouring books as fast as he could get them. When his fourth-grade teacher challenged her class to write a short story for Halloween, Dan’s was pages rather than paragraphs. After reading it aloud in class, Dan discovered that many of the student stories the following day had elements of his story incorporated in them. Almost from that moment, Dan was a born storyteller.

    Not knowing how, exactly, to become a writer, Dan did the usual things, went to college, got married, designed games, and dreamed. While perfecting his craft as a writer, Dan became a computer programmer, technical writer, game designer, software tester, web designer, and even insurance salesman. Eventually, after years of hard work and effort, Dan’s work caught the attention of Wizard’s of the Coast, who signed him immediately to work on their YA imprint; DragonLance: The New Adventures. Dan produced three books for the YA line, including one of the series best-sellers. His book The Survivors was released under Wizard’s original DragonLance brand.

    Dan continues to write, trying his hand at the Steampunk genre with his Weird Western: The Flux Engine, and his Historical Fantasy set in the American Civil War: Dragons of the Confederacy. His most recent work Plain Sight is a noir detective novel set in a fantasy 1930s New York.

    These days Dan lives in the west, with his wife and four children, right at the mouth of a magnificent canyon where the wind always blows.