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    APPEARING: Both Days*
    KNOWN FOR: Storyteller
    PANEL:  Mulitple Panels including – Ghost Stories from the Old West |  Room 150G | Friday, April 19th, 2019 |  7 pm to 8 pm – View Schedule*
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    *Guests appearances and Panels are subject to change or cancellation. 


    Enter into a world of Magic, of Adventure, of Mystery, of History, a world of Fantastic lands and Talking animals, a world of Ghost and Monsters, a world of Loss and Love, into a world of Imagination…. Enter the world of Story.

    Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller loves stories of all kinds. Whether he’s spooking campers around a fire, spinning a yarn of the high seas, telling a tale of magic or mayhem, or expounding on a story of self-discovery, he’s always expressing his passion for the oldest of all entertainments – the story.
    Daniel has told stories from California to Minnesota, from Montana to Arizona and back again. He is a frequent guest of the Weber State Storytelling Festival, Stokes Nature Center concert series, the Historic Downtown Logan Ghost Tour, and hundreds of libraries, schools, festivals, parties and reunions. He has told stories at Tree City Comic Convention and is a returning guest at Salt Lake Comic Convention. He is also the three-time champion of the Timpanogos Storytelling Institute’s Hauntings Contest. Visit Daniel Bishop the Storyteller’s website (DanielBishoptheStoryteller.com) for information on storytelling shows, events and to learn how you can get Daniel come share stories at your campfire.

    Daniel is the reporter and featured columnist at Bear Lake’s The News Examiner, where he shares his stories in print. And finally, Daniel shares stories, insights and daily reasons to celebrate on his blog, Reflection of a Storyteller (hosted by WordPress) https://danielbishopthestorytellersblog.wordpress.com/. Give it a read. As he always says, “Let me Bring the Campfire to You.”