Past FanX Guest

Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower is an American actor best known for playing Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in 24.  His character has developed a following among the show fando and appeared in every season of the show except its last. Since Glenn’s persona is that of a strong disciplined protective role, such as military, secret service or police man, many of his roles have followed suit.

Glenn has guest starred on may TV series, including CharmedThe Dukes of HazzardMatlockThe West WingQuantum LeapStar Trek: The Next GenerationNYPD BlueThe X-FilesMilleniumBabylon 5Star Trek: VoyagerKing of the HillBuffy the Vampire SlayerJAGAliasStar Trek: EnterpriseERNCISThe CloserBonesCriminal MindsFriday Night Lights and many others.

Glenn has also had roles in many major motion pictures such as Transformers: Dark of the MoonX-Men: First ClassMoneyball, and Black Hawk Down.

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