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#FanX20 Guest

Grant Wilson

Appearing: All Three Days*
PhotoOps: $40 - Available SOON*
Autographs: Available to Purchase at the event**

*Guests appearances are subject to change or cancellation.
**For more information about Autographs, Memorabilia Signings, Voice recordings, and other signing table opportunities visit the Celebrities Booth during the convention. Prices and options subject to change.

*Guests appearances and Panels are subject to change or cancellation.

Grant Steven Wilson is the star and co-producer of the cable television reality series, Ghost Hunters. He is also an Art Director and Developer for Rather Dashing Games, a game company he founded with Michael Richie, and the co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), which is based in Warwick, Rhode Island.

He has written several books, including Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown, and Ghost Files: The Collected Cases from Ghost Hunting and Seeking Spirits.


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