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    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR:  International Entertainer & Cosplayer
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    *Guests appearances and Panels are subject to change or cancellation. 


    Hsama or H-Sama is an International entertainer. As a cosplayer living in Brazil, she didn’t have that many options but to make everything herself. Growing up shrouded by the Carnival culture it wasn’t long until she was in love with cosmaking. She started to sell wigs and cosplays online and soon opened her own studio in Brazil. With over 10 years of experience, her work has been featured internationally in many magazines and website including the very first cosplay magazine in the world – Cosmode Japan. She has also been featured on TV both in Brazil – her homeland – and the US. She also had worked for Ebay and a Disney production. Now living in the US she’s back making costumes and helping other fellow cosplayers though her YouTube channel and her blog where she teaches how to make cosplays at home www.youtube.com/hsamablog & www.h-sama.com When she’s not cosplaying she is traveling with her professional Mermaid Pod or volunteering on hospitals or at conventions with other cosplay groups like REACH (Raising Education through Arts, Characters and Heroes).