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    APPEARED: FanX18
    KNOWN FOR: Therapist


    Joe Gorton is a therapist and owner of Stepstone Connect, an online telehealth practice. He has worked in multiple leadership roles and served a broad range of populations including adolescents, chemical dependency, and military service members recovering from substance use and trauma. He now works with first responders and their families.

    Originally from California, Joe came to Utah to begin his undergraduate work in counseling. He remained in Utah obtaining his masters from the University of Utah. He is experienced in various levels of care, specializing in treating both severe mental illness and addiction.

    Joe uses an eclectic clinical approach with his clients, having been trained in multiple evidenced-based practices he understands the importance of tailoring treatment to the individual’s needs and using a multi-faceted approach.

    Joe is certified in EMDR and CPT therapy modalities and has worked with trauma patients for the past four years in multiple capacities.

    He is passionate about social issues surrounding poverty, education, human rights and has a special interest in rescuing the oppressed from violence in the developing world.

    Joe also enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and the family dog.