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Susan Farrell Egan is an American actress, singer, and dancer, known for her work on the Broadway stage. She is best known for originating the role of Belle in the Broadway musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, as well as for providing the voices of Megara in Hercules, and Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond on Steven Universe.

Susan was also in Studio Ghiblis Spirited Away, Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamps Adventure, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, Spider-Man 2 The Video Game, and voiced Meg in Hercules TV Show and Video Game, Hercules: Zero to Hero, House of Mouse, and Kingdom Hearts Video Games. She was in Nikki, 13 Going on 30, The Third Wish, Meet Market, Death and Texas, The Almost Guys, Falling In Love, Gotta Kick It Up!,  and appeared in Modern Family, House, Numb3rs, Haunted, The Drew Cary Show, Almost Perfect, and NYPD Blue.

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