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M. Todd Gallowglas


M. Todd Gallowglas Start with raw imagination. Add two parts coffee to every one-part whiskey (for best results, use Irish or Scottish single malts. Bourbon may result in a volatile mess.) Add equal heaping spoonfuls of angst, whimsy, snark, along with a dash of imposter syndrome. Shake vigorously. Once it stops frothing, drop in a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing and sprinkle a healthy dose of shenanigans on top, while chanting either, “What’s a gleeman?” or, “Tell me a story,” depending on personal taste. Yields one pantheon, a Faerie War, a cloak of tales, the thwarting of devils and demons, revolutions, Slightly Above Average Misadventures, convention panels, geek literary theory, writing classes, role-playing games, airsoft battles (because it’s cooler than paintball), and occasionally swing dancing. Best served at Con temperature.


Appearing: More information Coming Soon!*
Booth: TBA

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More information coming soon!*


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