#FanX21 Guest

Ninja Kidz


Appearing: Friday Only*

Photo Ops: Available at the Event**

Autographs: Available to Purchase at the event**

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*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.

**Photo Op & Autograph experiences are subject to change due to health regulations regarding the current pandemic.

For more information about Autographs, Memorabilia Signings, Voice recordings, and other signing table opportunities visit the Celebrities Booth during the convention. Prices and options subject to change.


More information coming soon!*

*Guest appearances and Panels are subject to change or cancellation. Please Check the Official Schedule for the the most up to date panel & photo-op & autograph times and locations.

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Ninja Kidz Tv is a high energy, action packed youtube channel for all ages! These kids have amassed more than 5 million subscribers and over 2 Billion views since their first video in 2017.  They have entertained and inspired people all over the world with videos that share positive messages about teamwork, anti-bullying, fitness, and valuable life skills.  No matter your age, you can be a Ninja Kid! Thanks for Being Awesome!

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We haven't announced any guests yet! check back soon!

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