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    KNOWN FOR: The Iron Dragon Series
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    Paul Genesse is the bestselling author of The Iron Dragon series featuring The Golden Cord, The Dragon Hunters, and The Secret Empire. He’s the writer/director/producer of the Star Wars Rock Opera—a comedic parody exploring the hilarious Dark Side of the Force; as well as the smash hit Steampunk and Zombie Rock Operas; many acclaimed short stories; and is the editor of The Crimson Pact, a five-volume shared multi verse series.

    He lives with his very supportive wife, Tammy, and a large collection of fantasy art kept in his basement gallery, which is guarded by real and imaginary dragons.

    He worked full time as a charge nurse in a cardiac unit for 17 years and is now an analyst for a large healthcare company. He has also worked as a copy editor, computer game consultant, and naturally, he enjoys speaking at conventions and doing school visits.

    He is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and loves the Lord of the Rings movies. He wants to become the nerd Jimmy Fallon and enjoys interviewing movie and TV stars at large media conventions like Salt Lake Comic Con. Please friend him on Facebook, explore, and send him images of dragons.