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    KNOWN FOR: Cthulhu Attacks! Trilogy, Zombie School Confidential
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    The author of 15 books and counting, Sean Hoade taught creative writing at the university level for almost a decade, and his videoconferencing writing workshops help guide writers from around the world.

    His novels include the Cthulhu Attacks! trilogy documenting the rise of the Old One and his fight with humanity, with Book 1 released in 2015 and Books 2 and 3 coming out in 2017 and 2018; The Act, a Silver-Age science fiction novel set for release in 2017; Know When to Run, in which Sin City is the last zombie-free haven in America; Deadtown Abbey, a comedy of manners set in an Edwardian England estate full of supernatural creatures; Inappropriate Behavior, a collection of ill-advised short stories; Darwin’s Dreams, a literary-historical novel about the friendship and rivalry of the great naturalist and the Captain of the Beagle; and Three for the Money, a thriller for the cynical, the bitter, and the doomed. These last five are published by Moran Press, which also is home to his “Hoade’s Penny Dreadfuls” imprint.

    His nonfiction book Zombie School Confidential, is based on the author’s groundbreaking first-ever for-credit college class on the undead. He also is writing two books about Buddy Holly, one a horror novel and the other a collection of essays called Why Buddy Matters.
    He also writes pulp fiction for Severed Press under the pseudonym “Hugo Navikov.” Hugo’s books include War Thug, War Thug 2, Spinosaurus, Prehistoric Beasts and Where to Fight Them, and the upcoming Under Vostok.

    The Tesla Trilogy will debut in 2017, a trio of steampunk adventures in which Nikola Tesla’s genius is unfettered by stingy billionaires and the governments that want his secrets. Each will sport an appropriately Victorian title. The first book is Tesla and Darwin Fight Edison’s Megalodons through the Judicious Application of Time Travel and Giant Robots, available in February; the second is Tesla and Edison Reluctantly Unite Against The Order of the Mystic Eye Relying on only the Finest Scientific Principles, set for release in April; and Tesla and Lovecraft Face Off Against MIRROR TESLA AND HIS ARC-LIGHT OF DOOM.

    The author is following several lifelong fascinations at once: time travel, information theory, science and technology predating the digital era, Darwinism, and destiny—but most of all, writing fantastic stories that stay with the reader long after the final page is turned. His stories are entertainments, to be sure; but even at their most outrageously unhinged, they are intended to make the reader see the world in a slightly different, deeper way. He leaves it to those readers to judge whether the goal has been accomplished, but his worldview is expanded and sharpened with every new book he writes (or reads).

    In 2018, fans will be treated to the author’s magnum opus, reinventing two “punk” genres and creating one entirely new: First is the steampunk Analog, followed by the cyberpunk Digital, and last is Quantum, the world’s first “branepunk” novel (check out to get an idea of the scope of this project). However, he would like to stress that as abstruse and philosophical as the subject matter may seem, the author’s intent is to write rollicking adventures that the reader can’t put down. His work is the best of both worlds.

    Sean is always eager to hear from readers and other writers, or just people who want to talk cool stuff. He is easily locatable and friendable on Facebook (, utterly and shamelessly eponymous on Twitter (@SeanHoade), and pathetically available at all hours for email sent to

    His Web page has resources for writers, huge sample chunks of his currently released books—with links to buy, of course—and an updated list of free YouTube videos. In-depth talks on writing; interviews on video and radio; and panels at different conventions at which Sean has been a guest—all are available and will only grow as more cool things take place. He also welcomes requests from viewers and would love to answer (or at least address) them in new videos. All the YouTube-y goodness is at

    Sean also maintains (as well as he can in the middle of writing a book) a fun and sometimes informative, other times just plain goofy, blog at Check it out and feel free to suggest topics for new posts. On it, the author writes a great deal about the process of getting YOUR books out of your head, onto paper (or screens), and into paying readers’ hands. He also shares weird stories about experiences at Comic Cons, zombie-apocalypse preppers, publishers, and design and writing of books that could very easily catch the eye of readers, agents, and publishers.

    Sean lives in the wilds of Las Vegas, where the lights are bright and you get used to seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler building on one corner, a candy-colored Camelot across the street, and the Eiffel Tower within your ken. It gets hotter than Venus in the summer, but it is a wonderful place that just seems more wonderful the longer he lives here. (Also, it doesn’t hurt that there are many nonstop flights to just about every Con in the country.)

    His very patient wife has been a professional book editor for several publishers for almost 20 years, so obviously as a writer Sean chose wisely. They also have 2 cats and 3 grown children, so maybe not every choice was wise, but it’s still a darned good life.
    Sean’s books are available at bookstores and online retailers everywhere, but his eBooks are exclusively offered through A line of audiobooks will start being released in 2016 through

    He hopes folks will come to get some cheap laughs, to look at books, or just to talk science, pseudoscience, typography and orthography, natural philosophy, and/or the possibilities inherent in the idea of a multiverse. He also likes to talk about and show off his many hats.