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Shelbi Webb is a Guest Comic Creator at #FanX19

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    APPEARED: FanX18
    KNOWN FOR: Creator of Sugar Glider
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    Shelbi Webb is 13 years old and resides in a small Utah community. She has always loved art and finding ways to be creative. Shelbi started writing for the local county paper in 2016 as a junior reporter attending Comic Conventions. She is one of the youngest published authors in North America. Though she is still a child, Shelbi has personal experience with bullying and suicide of close acquaintances. She has also seen friends and family battle with mental illness, self-image, addiction, and many other issues. Because of this, Shelbi wanted to make a difference and help young adolescents struggling with similar challenges.

    Shelbi launched Sugar Glider in 2018 and has been a guest at several comic conventions in the Western US and featured in local and national news stories. She is also an ambassador for two non-profit organizations; One focuses on building up young women to be tomorrow’s leaders and another on loving everyone with an anti-bullying message. Shelbi continues to travel the country spreading her very important message of love and acceptance. She has produced a “Comic with a Cause”…Sugar Glider. The first story arc of the comic features the popular band X Ambassadors. Shelbi is determined to create change in young people’s lives.