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    Hey, Cosplayers, I’m Skyler Ostler and in today’s biography, I’m going to teach you how I became The Cosplay Apprentice. (youtube.com/cosplayapprentice)

    Cosplay Apprentice: An Origin Story:
    It all started one fateful day when I was at a Comic Convention and accidentally fell into a giant vat of Boiling Cosplay Acid…. Nah, it isn’t near that cool of an Origin story but I will weave you the tale none the less.

    To begin, let’s go back in time to when little Skyler was only in 3rd grade and wanted to be the blue power ranger, I always had a flair for theatrics and a love of all things geek. Fast forward to High School, I had moved to the small town of Preston Idaho and hoped to one day be a robotics engineer so I could create the future! I always loved making things with my hands and figuring out how things functioned. This drew me to wood shop where I began to experiment with building and designing. I knew that if I could imagine it working chances were high that I could create it.

    Next thing you know, years down the road, I find myself married with two kids and trying to figure out life. My love for movies drew me to the film industry where I had the opportunity to work on many projects including “The Giver” and “Independence Day: Resurgence” as well as countless commercials. My studies in school took me through film, advertising, and information systems and because of my innate desire to learn, create, and design I became a YouTube self-taught in Graphic Designer. But something was missing.

    All through my life I loved Halloween and obsessed over every detail of my costumes to try and make them as accurate as possible, I would dress up for big movie releases of things like Spider-man and Harry Potter, I even went as far as filming reenactments of my favorite movie of all time (Princess Bride) but never been to a Comic Convention or knew much about them.

    One day I had an opportunity to attend Salt Lake Comic Convention with my wife and though I wasn’t sure what to expect I threw on a 10th doctor closet cosplay and gave it a shot! And HOLY COW! IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAD EVER SEEN! Everyone’s costumes were amazing, everyone was so nice and complimentary and above all everyone was just excited to be there. It was spectacular like I had stepped into a dream. I could be myself by becoming my favorite character and I wasn’t the oddball out. These were my people. After the event, I wanted to up my game before the next year and was eager to make something cool. I didn’t have much know how or much of a budget and no access to big tools or a 3D printer. I thought that it would be impossible for me to make anything of high quality. And then my life changed. Enter Polly Plastics, a moldable plastic that you can shape like playdough and cools to a hard plastic. It can be heated and reshaped infinite times and takes spray paint really well. It was easy to use, I could work with it in my kitchen, because it was non-toxic, and I could make anything I wanted to.

    So, of course, I chose one of the hardest things I could think of: Inigo Montoya’s sword from the timeless, Princess Bride. It had been a lifelong dream to own that sword. I tried to find some good YouTube tutorials on how to work with the material but there wasn’t much out there. I was forced to learn by trial and error. Finally, I completed the sword and it looked/worked great (everyone that saw it said they had never seen it’s equal).
    During this process, something clicked. These were my people and this was what I was meant to do. I realized that I had been groomed for this my entire life: my ability to replicate things I see, my spatial vision to translate 3D objects into 2D patterns, background in the film industry, schooling in advertising, understanding the process of learning on YouTube, and my career as a Graphic Designer. All these things gave me a unique position to create tutorial videos in the Cosplay sphere. I found “my people” in this sphere and I wanted to be in it full-time; I wanted to encourage others to cosplay, to show them that you don’t have to have a whole workshop to make great looking Cosplay Props and Costumes. I wanted to learn all I could about Cosplay and share what I learn with others like me and so I became, The Cosplay Apprentice.

    As The Cosplay Apprentice, I have three main pillars:
    1. The Builds can be made in a relatively small space with limited tools.
    2. The Builds are high quality and made from easy to work with materials.
    3. The Builds are Comic Convention Friendly, the last thing I want is for you to make a beautiful prop, only to have it confiscated by Security!

    Thanks to so many wonderful people like you supporting me, I have grown from 0 to almost 9,000 subscribers in a little over a years’ time. Because of you, I have had the opportunity to explore materials from foam to thermoplastics allowing me to create lightsabers, Captain America shields, full Deadpool and Wonder Woman Costumes, Masks, Helmets, Blasters, Armor and so much more. Thanks to amazing people like you I have learned a ton and continue to learn more every day, I will keep learning, I am always the Apprentice, I am The Cosplay Apprentice!

    Thank you! Please feel free to Like, Subscribe, and Cosplay-On My Friends!