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    KNOWN FOR: Internet Sensations and Social Media Icons


    Nash Grier:

    Nash Grier is currently the “King of Vine” with over 9 million followers on the site. Nash has become a verified social media star. His popularity has been growing at an exponential pace. He has gained over 300,000 followers on Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube a week. Nash’s popularity stems from his use of humor, song parodies with a little of his personality sprinkled in to create videos. He loves to collaborate with his friends and family when he can. He has been on numerous TV shows recently such as Good Day America and Good Day New York showcasing his comedic talents. Nash has joined with AwesomnessTV to create new and improved content to his loyal fans.

     Cameron Dallas:

    After astonishingly gaining over 9m combined followers on social media in only 7 months, Cameron Dallas loves creating his imaginative and funny content for his followers. His 1.5m followers on Twitter, 2.6m on Instagram, 3.5m on Vine, & 1.6m subscribers on YouTube will be quick to agree that he is the new teen heartthrob. Whether producing content alone or with his group of friends, fans all over the world are always eager for his next masterpiece to be posted for their viewing. Born and raised in California, he hopes he can continue entertaining the world for the rest of his life

     Carter Reynolds:

    Carter Reynolds is a social media star. Carter started making videos, acting and making people smile at a young age. He is currently in the top 20 users on Vine with over 3.4 million followers. Carter loves to work with his friends on new video ideas. He is currently touring the USA with his friends meeting his fans and performing live. 

    Hayes Grier:

    Hayes Grier started making Vines with his older brother Nash, but since striking out on his own he has climbed to the top 50 of the Vine charts. At just 14 years old he has over 2.8 million followers on Vine and over 1.4million on Twitter. He is a rising star in the social media world. Right now Hayes is touring the USA with his brother and friends to meet his loyal fans and performing live.

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