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    APPEARED: Fanx18
    KNOWN FOR: Podcaster  


    Trent Hunsaker worked hard to hide his geek/nerd tendencies throughout his youth. He worked hard to overcompensate in sports and social atmospheres in high school as to make sure no one would see him for what he really was: a closet geek.

    Once he reached college, he was able to reinvent himself as an out-and-about geek. Once accepting who he really was, and explaining to his family that this wasn’t a choice, but a part of who he really is, Trent began to foster and develop special nerd powers. He now wields Stephen Hawking-like knowledge of the Marvel Universe, adult swim programming, and social media. Cutting his teeth in the podcasting world on the A Part Of Him Podcast, he has since hosted podcasts like A Straight View Out Of The Closet and Ska Show.

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