APPEARING: Props, Special Effects, Costuming 
    KNOWN FOR: Cosplayer
    BOOTH: 1519, 1521, 1618
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    HRW Creations (Harold & Roxanne Weir Creations), is a partnership between my wife (Roxanne), and myself.  Together we create a memorable experience for everyone. I create the props, special effects, and costuming; and Roxanne works with me to bring the characters to life.  I’ve been interested in theatrical make-up and effects since I was in elementary school; when I was chosen to be the injured person for a first aid demo (using wax, fake blood and a hand pump).  Roxanne has always been an organizer, a natural leader, and a great teacher.  And together we are always inCharacter.

    For a number of years our talents were focused on running one of the largest non-profit home haunts in the US.   Our haunt (the Stringtown Nighmare Express a haunted train ride), was more popular even than some of the professional haunts in the area.  Roxanne managed over 120 cast members and dozens of backstage personal; teaching the cast members how to act, and managing the other personal.  I worked with and managed a number of special FX artists to create a full and family friendly experience.  We averaged over 2400 guests every night that the trains ran.

    At the same time that we ran the Nightmare Express, Roxanne and I started hosting an annual gathering of haunters from the Rocky Mountain Haunters group.  At the gatherings, we work with other professionals and experts to teach classes on make-up, lighting effects, character acting, special effects, and of course prop building.  We continue to host these annual gatherings even today.

    Recently, we found a new love…when a new show came to Salt Lake Comic Convention.  Roxanne and I were introduced to cosplay at that first Salt Lake show.  At the FanX show (the second show of that first year), we introduced our weeping angels to the TARDIS display, as well as trying our hand at cosplay.  We made thermian costumes from the movie Galaxy Quest.  The angels and the especially the Thermains were a huge hit.