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Travis Hysell

Travis Hysell is the passionate founder of The Legacy Initiative of Utah, a group that has had many large projects and has drawn attention at a local and national level. Their homeless outreach program has drawn much attention and has been widely praised in our community. Travis is an avid member of their Causeplay Team. This team serves children living with life-threatening illness and/or poverty, those with developmental disabilities, the elderly, community events, and other non-profits. Travis’ wish is to break down apathy and engage local community members who want to make a difference but feel unable to help.

By empowering and supporting their volunteer group, they have grown from a nine-member organization to over 400 individuals, and in 6 years, managed to serve over 60,000 meals to those experiencing homelessness.

Travis’ background of youth poverty and short time of homelessness instilled the values of compassion and sharing in him from a young age. He holds the belief that “even when we have little, it is still important that we help those who have less.”

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