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Salt Lake Magazine – FanX Brings Families Together to Geek Out

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Media Coverage

(Salt Lake Magazine) FanX, Salt Lake City’s largest sci-fi/fantasy fan fest, brings celebrities, artists, authors, and others to the Salt Palace to meet fans twice each year. The event doesn’t just connect nerds with their heroes though. Amid the packed halls of costumed attendees, the convention also gives families a chance to geek out together.

Aside from the very first FanX event in 2013, John Patten and his daughter Brynn haven’t missed an opportunity to do just that. “My daughter Brynn, a 20-year-old, single college student, considers the Salt Lake FanX the high points of her year,” said Patten, assistant superintendent for Alpine School District/costume designer for his and Brynn’s convention experiences. “Last time, we brought home pictures with Lynda Carter and Tom Felton, an autograph from Zachary Levi, some artwork and stickers, one of those insulated FanX mugs, several pictures of other convention attendees and loads of information and memories thanks to some great panels.”

Their time together means more to Patten than the merch they bring home though. He says the biggest benefit is seeing how Brynn comes out of her shell at the events(…)