• September 22nd -24th, 2022
  • Salt Palace Convention Center

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by | Sep 12, 2018 | Media Coverage

(SLUG) Back again for the 2018 season, Salt Lake’s comic convention FanX 2018 is a three-day September event filled with guest celebrities, authors, cosplay professionals as well as amazing artists and other such “geek-merch” vendors.

Taking place in the same venue as previous years, the massive Salt Palace Convention Center, tens of thousands of fans head into the halls and try to figure out their day’s schedule. There are a few main areas in which you can spend your weekend at this con, you can start just by browsing inside the vendor areas to get that T-shirt with Deadpool you eyeball, a rare SNES game, henna tattoo or maybe some snacks. Or you can head to one of the tables for the talented authors that have brought their last book for a special signing only available at FanX. Additionally, you can head to the Artist Alley for amazing drawing, illustration, and photography-based creations.

Whatever you opt for first, checking a FanX schedule is definitely advised. Schedules will tell you when you can get a photo with your favorite star, when speed dating or movie review panels might be getting underway, or the main panel events that take place inside the Grand Ballroom with seating for up to 5,000 fans at once. In the Grand Ballroom, you will have an opportunity to ask your favorite actor, creative, writer, or personality a question of your choice and listen to their experiences with regards of their career and or advice to aspiring, young creators.(…)


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