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Salt Lake Magazine

Salt Lake Magazine: Cosplay at FanX Fall 2019

(Salt Lake Magazine) At every FanX (Salt Lake City’s biggest geek event), you’ll find thousands of fans who cosplay (short for costume play) as their favorite characters from anime, comic books, movies and more. Whether their costumes are store-bought or handcrafted,...

Salt Lake Magazine – FanX Brings Families Together to Geek Out

(Salt Lake Magazine) FanX, Salt Lake City’s largest sci-fi/fantasy fan fest, brings celebrities, artists, authors, and others to the Salt Palace to meet fans twice each year. The event doesn’t just connect nerds with their heroes though. Amid the packed halls of...

Salt Lake Magazine: Fan X for the Kids (Not Just the Kid in You)

Go ahead, claim you bought FanX passes because the “kids want to go.” In truth, you’ve wanted to meet Lynda Carter (TV’s Wonder Woman) since you first saw her kick butt on that TV with the bunny ears your dad fixed with tin foil in ’76. Now, she’s set to...

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