Cosplay Games Clues

The #FanX21 Cosplay Games are on Saturday, August 27th, 2021 at the Gateway in Downtown Salt Lake City. The Clues will be posted here at 10am sharp. View the Rules and Info Here

Does Dracula play an instrument? If he did, this is where you could find him!

Meowsey over to Regent St. and find this fun photo spot!

Looking for some 'ZA" while you're at the show? Walk and find this crazy dough thrower to feed your hunger! Be sure not to trip over any "Red Rock's on the way"

Try not to lose yourself down the rainbow rabbit hole!

Don't be late for anything you have planned at FanX this year! This clock has been keeping time since 1873. Extra points (not really, but it makes for a great photo) What has changed on the building wall next door?

"Merry Christmas You Filthy Basketball Animals!"

Find Utah's #1 Spider-Man Fan!

When you attend FanX did you know there is a place called UMOCA? No, it's not a fancy Utah coffee.....

If you are here, you won't find any "SQUATTERS", but you may find some great brews and grub!

Enjoy this mural created by Jann Haworth, the same artist who created the Beetles album cover and lives in Utah.

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