FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ 2018

Business Affiliates

FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention’s Business Affiliate Program is back for 2019! This affiliate program rewards YOU for promoting FanX®!

Businesses, nonprofits, and websites who are selected to be part of the program will be given a unique affiliate purchase link to the FanX ticketing page. Share this link on your website, email blasts, social media, and with your fans, supporters, and customers. When people purchase tickets using your unique link, you’ll earn a percentage back for every ticket sold.

Ticket Variable Payout*

1 to 25 tickets sold – 5% back of total tickets sold

26 to 100 – 10% back of total tickets sold

101 to 250 – 15% back of total tickets sold

251 to 10,000 – 20% back of total tickets sold

That’s right! That means if you sold 26 VIP tickets through your affiliate link you would earn $650 dollars back!

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner of FanX, please fill out the application below.



*Affiliate Earnings less than $100 will be paid out as in-store credit that can be used towards admission tickets to future FanX® events.



If you cannot see the form below, please check to make sure your browser is updated, or CLICK HERE to view the form offsite.


for Business Affiliates

Congratulations on being part of FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention 2019! Below are our tips on how you can best promote your unique Business Affiliate Link.

Social Media

Using social media networks are a great way to gain attention for your partnership with FanX.. Read below for our tips on using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Facebook is the world’s largest social media site. It is perfect for announcing and promoting your new partnership with FanX. Below are some tips on how to best use facebook to share your promo code.

  • Create a Facebook Page for your business. Pages are for businesses, brands, organizations and public figures to share their stories and connect with people.
  • Once you have a Facebook Page, you’ll be able to boost your posts using Facebook Ads. You’ll be able to target fans of FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.
  • Post about your partnership with FanX on Facebook on your business and/or personal pages using our official hashtag #FanX19
  • Create your own Facebook Event Page for your FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention 2019 partnership. Invite your fans, friends, and family. You can make a Facebook Event Page under your business page or personal account; just make sure it’s public. We suggest naming your event: [BUSINESS NAME] at FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention 2019.
  • Once your Facebook Event Page is created, add FanX as a co-host for your Facebook event. This will allow our full network of Facebook followers to see your event on their news feed and at


Twitter is a great place to connect with FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention 2019 attendees and promote your partner ship. Below are some tips for promoting on Twitter.

  • Tweet about your partnership with FanX on your business and/or personal pages using our official hashtag #FanX19
  • Tag our official Twitter account @fanxsaltlake in your tweet copy and/or image.
  • Post your own promo image, photo, or video to your own Twitter account. Your tweet should included important info like: Name of business, social media links, website etc.


Instagram is a great visual social network where you can share photos, videos, and post to your own story for real-time updates. Live broadcasting and targeted advertising are also an options. Some Instagram tips are below.

  • When posting about your upcoming appearance on Instagram, make sure your image and/or copy includes important info like: Name of business, social media links, website etc.
  • Also use our official hashtag: #FanX19. On Instagram, you can follow any hashtag; the posts will appear in your newsfeed. It’s a great way to find other FanX fans and participating guests.
  • Tag our official Instagram account @fanxsaltlake in your post. Tagging the image will add your post to our Tagged Posts tab on our profile.

Official Hashtags

  • Please use the hashtag #FanX19 when making posts online about your convention appearance. We would suggest also using #FanX and #saltlakecomicconvention.

Host a Social Media Contest

  • Social media contests are a great way to raise awareness of your appearance and grow your social media following. We find that contests work best on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out this article for social media contest suggestions.

Internal Promotion

Promoting your partnership within your organization is a great way to increase awareness of the partnership.

  • A company newsletter is an efficient resource to use when announcing your FanX partnership within your organization. Write an article explaining what FanX is and provide the link to buy tickets.
  • An email blast within your company can inform your employees of the partnership and its benefits. Providing them with the link in the email will help them get to the correct webpage to purchase tickets.

URL Looks

  • The link given to you can look a little cluttered. You can make the link given to you look better by using