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Cosplay Central is an affordable option for you to promote your cosplay career. Our goal is to create an inclusive opportunity for community Cosplayers to showcase their talents and meet attendees and fans. As always, Cosplayers are welcome to rent a larger, more prominent vendor booth space.

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Anarchy Girls

Anarchy Girls

Anarchy Girls Cosplay and The Chaos Squad is a growing community of cosplayers led by Mischief, Mayhem and Carnage. They are infamous for their epic shenanigans. They love to gather the Chaos Squad for large group cosplays that are inclusive and believe that everyone can Cosplay. They love to put on amazing immersive events. Lately, they have taken up comic book creation and painting. Come by Cosplay Central each day and check them out as they live paint for the second year
Sharyl Sykora

Sharyl Sykora

Sharyl Sykora is a Cosplayer with a mission. She has made over 200 Cosplay in the past 20 years and won multiple awards for Her Jareth, Demogorgon, and even won a spot to take her Dark Elf to Twitch Con. Sharyl lives with Multiple Sclerosis and has donated all her winnings from her cosplays and streaming to cure MS. To date, she has raised over $25k to help find a cure.
The Geeked Out Ninjas

The Geeked Out Ninjas

MJ and Shawn, known for their bigger builds, are competitive cosplayers hailing from Boise, Idaho.  Every year since MJ and Shawn have been together since 2007, they have made their own Halloween costumes for their Taekwondo school’s annual Halloween party for kids to enjoy. But it wasn’t until 2014 at a comic convention in Boise, ID where they first competed in a cosplay competition. MJ and Shawn were walking around the convention floor in their Wolverminion and Agnes Cosplay ...

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