FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention Magic Moment #8

Only 8 days until the Fall FanX Kick-off Press Conference!  Here is today’s Magic Moment from Camille Bingham Reese:

It was truly an unforgettable experience for us as well and we talk about it often. Jeremy Renner is an amazing man with a huge heart of gold. He has kept in touch with us since then-sending art his daughter, Ava, made for Kenzie before she passed, a bouquet of flowers for her funeral, as well as a congratulatory note on our rainbow baby! Ironically we named our little girl Ava McKenzie because of the impact meeting with Jeremy was. We want our kids to have names that they can draw strength from, and because of that experience (which I’ll get into) we felt the name Ava would remind our daughter of goodness and being fearless, and then her middle name after her sister to never forget the strength that she can possess like Kenzie, and also that she has an amazing force on the other side rooting for her and helping along this journey of life.

As far as my thoughts from that day…I’m not even sure words can do it justice! Kenzie was at a point in her journey were we were giving her steroid shots and pain medication to help with the pain from the cancer being in her bone marrow as well as multiple lesions (or tumors) in her bones. It hurt for her to walk, and she didn’t have much energy. I mainly carried her everywhere and I had become her “safe spot” to where she rarely, and really I mean never, left my side, even for her favorite people. So for us to be there, talking with Jeremy, and have her climb down, walk over to him and allow him to pick her up-in my eyes it was a miracle! She hugged him for a very long time. She wasn’t very talkative, but she didn’t have to be. I’ll never forget the feeling in that room as she connected and communicated with him as her spirit filled the room. It reminded me of when she was born-the joy I felt and the feeling of being complete now that she had joined our family. I felt that wholeness and same spirit there with Jeremy and like I said before, I will never ever forget that sweet and tender moment as I watched my baby overcome being shy and in pain, to walk over and hug a man she barely knew; and yet you could feel her love for him. It was very humbling and touching to see how sweet and tender Jeremy was with her as well. You could see the impact she had on him as tears filled his eyes, and as he quietly held her, soaking in the snuggles and spirit she freely gave. We would never have received such an experience without all of you amazing people at FanX, and for that, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

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