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John De Lancie


JOHN DE LANCIE is best known and loved for his role in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as an omnipotent being descended from the Q Continuum. John’s original spin in all of his work, including this character, saw “Q” creating a widespread, cult-following among Star Trek fans and has inspired independent television stations to host “John de Lancie ‘Q’ week” airings.

Other roles that John is celebrated for include: Star-Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star-Trek: Voyager, Colonel Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1, and Donald Margolis in the acclaimed Breaking Bad. John has worked with many of our distinguished guests (probably more than anyone!) including William Shatner in Star-Trek, Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch, and Noah Hathaway in Battlestar Galactic as well as Brian Krause in Charmed, Claire Coffee in West Wing, and Kevin Sorbo in Andromeda.

John’s earlier career saw him working for two years at Universal on over thirty-five shows including the acclaimed miniseries “Black Beauty,” “Little Women,” “The Thornbirds” and “The Captains and Kings.”

John enjoys an active involvement in the theater community and has been a member of the American Shakespeare Festival, The Seattle Company, South Coast Repertory, The Old Globe as well as appearing in Star-Trek: The Music, A Touring Company with Robert Picardo.

Currently, John is co-owner, with Leonard Nimoy, of Alien Voices; a production company devoted to the dramatization of classic science fiction.

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