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The Geekbound Fashion Challenge

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Blog Articles, FanX Features

By Guest Blogger  Courtney ‘Velma’ Rippstein

What is Geekbounding?

Geekbounding is a fashion-forward way for fans to show their love for their fandoms without wearing full-on costumes like cosplayers - it’s the sweet middle-ground between regular clothing and full cosplay! The Geekbound Fashion Challenge is to make modern and stylish clothing that is nerd-themed and easily recognized from a fandom on sight, without entering the realm of cosplay/costuming.

How to Participate in the Geekbound Fashion Challenge

We are thrilled to have two categories this year: Geekbound Daily and Geekbound Evening! The challenge, if you choose to accept, is to create an outfit of original design, fashionable, handmade/altered, and either ready for the red carpet (Oscars or the Met Gala), or that could feasibly be worn to a business event or a night out with friends. Let your creativity flow as we continue to build a body-positive and inclusive network within the arts and FanX family! Ignite the imagination in a special way, both for the audience and designers.

The Geekbound Fashion Challenge was a huge success at FanX 2019 with standing room only and we are so excited for even more incredible Geekbound Fashion at FanX 2021! You can enter to be part of the Geekbound Fashion Challenge at FanX 2021 NOW (entries close June 30)!


Follow the Geekbound Fashion Challenge on Facebook and Instagram, and get your FanX 2021 pass today! We’ll see you September 16-18, 2021!